Monday, April 7, 2014

TLUSA - A Godly-Worldview of our Trail

The photographer of this photo1 has unknowing captured for me, the big picture of the Trail Life USA (TLUSA) movement.

The imagery in this photo brings out the beauty of God’s creation and three primary colors that represent the trail of our national Christ-centered, Biblically-based boys program, developed to lead our youth to learn, understand, and become wise walking with God.
The journey begins as we go ahead of the boys to lead them to take the higher path and to “Walk Worthy”.2 The Green represents of the Woodlands Trail program (K-5th grade) to grain knowledge.

Next we walk along side our youth on an upward trail, climbing together through the various Gray areas of life as Navigators (6-8th grade), to more fully understand and choose Christian values.

Then we ask our Adventurers, young men (9-12 grade) to stretch themselves, reaching up to the Blue heavens, to gain wisdom in the develop of their own God-honoring worldview of life, and then to share these values and principles with those that follow them.

What a great picture -- But await, there is a bonus!

This picture from Timberline Lake also reminds me of the special TLUSA award, simply called the Timberline Award. The Timberline Award is the highest award a Woodlands Trail trailman can achieve. It is to celebrate a boy’s entrance into the new world of TLUSA’s Navigators program experiencing and exploring God’s great outdoors and life’s high adventures.

The Woodlands Trail Leaders Guide3 states – “Just as the tall timbers stop at the Timberline’s edge, so must a Mountain Lion’s time stop in the Woodlands Trail program. As the Trailman proceeds on his individual path, he leaves the Woodlands Trail and embarks on a new trail of exploration and experiences. The Trailman leaves with many good wishes and prayers that he will continue to Walk Worthy with the God that created him, loves him, and guides him.”

 The four Manhood Principles taught are: To live boldly and avoid being passive, To live responsibly, To live courageously, To live for the greater rewards of God. The principles and requirements for the Timberline Award are in the Woodlands Trail Leaders Guide.
Let Him find us Walking Worthy...

1Matthew Lemke Silver Run Peak from Timberline Lake - July 2012.
2 TLUSA Motto – “Walk Worthy” taken from Col.1-10
3 Woodlands Trail Leaders Guide, pdf download version 1.1
Published by Youth Adventure Program, Incorporated, dba Worthy Trailman Press
4853 S. Orange Avenue, Suite C
Orlando, FL 32806

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