Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Communication Keys

Our New Marriage Builders Bible Study and Fellowship Study
Four Sessions starting October 30th

Communication Key to Your Marriage
by H. Norman Wright  ISBN 0-8307-2533-4

Learn to Speak Your Spouse's Language

Your marriage is your most important human relationship. What does it take to make it intimate, loving and fun? It starts with knowing how to talk to your spouse. Communication is the key to a happy marriage.
This best-selling (over 500,000 copies) book has been totally re-written with new, practical insights to enhance the communication of any couple. This book is applicable to an engaged couple or those married over fifty years. The content builds upon a Biblical pattern of communication and marriage. From there the central theme is learning how to speak your spouse's language. Insights gleaned from over thirty years of conducting marriage enrichment seminars and counseling couples have placed in this book to help any couple. See More H. Norman Wright, Offical Website and Online Store @ http://www.hnormanwright.com/

We meet the last Saturday of each month
from 7:00 - 9:30 PM (except December) 
@ Loch Raven Presbyterian Church
9318 Old Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21234

Office: (410) 661-5777 Fax: (410) 661-0065

Be a Marriage Builder
Our group has three goals...
Search the scriptures together to see what it says to us about marriage
Work together to apply God's Biblical principles within our own marriage
Fellowship with other couples, and learn from one another's experiences...

and we have three membership rules:
Share nothing with the group, which might embarrass our mate
Keep confidences of information which may be shared inside the group
Feel free to participate or pass on any discussion topic or group activity

We Believe in the Sanctity of Marriage and Family

God instituted marriage and family as the basic building block of human culture. We further believe that God has established marriage as a sacred covenant between Himself a man and a woman for life.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Christianity Explored

Welcome to information about the Loch Raven Presbyterian Church's (LRPC) Christianity Explored Study.

The Journey Ahead...

Over a ten week period starting Sunday evening September 19 and ending Sunday November 21, 2010 we here at LRPC will be exploring Christianity. This is a very informal course for people who'd like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores three foundational questions. Who Jesus was? Why did he come? What is involved in following him?

You won't be asked to pray or read aloud, and you can ask any questions you like. Or, if you prefer, you can just come along and listen. Christianity Explored has been around for over a decade now, and it's been designed to suit different age ranges and people.

You can ask any question, no matter how simple or difficult you think they are. And if you have to miss a week, don't worry. You can always ask someone in your group for a quick summary of what you've missed.

This series is open to all members, the public, and we are hoping that you will want to bring your family and friends.

For more information or to register contact the church @ 410-661-5777 or visit our website @ http://www.lochravenpca.org/

You can register you intents to join us here, or on the Facebook event @ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145184582170782

Together <iHs><  ~keith

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hope Totes

How many of us (more than are willing to admit) have walked down an empty corridor of life. A corridor, in our own minds eye that left us feeling all alone - in crowded places; feeling very unloved - in a world full of God’s beauty and His love for us. (John 3:16). A corridor that trap us in a life of (you name it), which seems to be a never ending routine of sadness and despair - with no hope in sight. But despite those negative feelings of self worthlessness and depression -- please know that many (more than are willing to admit) have gone before us and have found light, hope, and love from God’s believers.

For many like myself, the road to recovery is simply to look up to God for my strength (Phil 4:13), and look back to help those just starting their own lonely walk (Ecc. 4:10). So know that we can make a difference. A wise old Dr. Pastor friend once gave me the best prescription, “just to keep on going – taking your eyes off your own circumstances and reach out to help others”. Yes that's it! Know that other fellow travelers who maybe just a few small steps behind us can use the hope we tote. Try it, it really does work!

So now Marlene and I and some friends take another dose of this RX, as we start another adventure to reach out to others --Together <. This time we are extending our Love Bag efforts for the homeless, with Hope Totes. These Hope Totes are filled with toiletries, men's hygiene products, and other daily personal care items for the men at the Baltimore Helping Up Mission (HUM). Here men find other men willing and able to help and provide hope to minister to both their physically and spiritually needs. Now that what I call a Mission of people helping people God’s way.

Check out the links above and if you’d like to walk with us to help others, just leave us a note on this blog or my Facebook site. We plan to deliver these Hope Totes to HUM on Sunday evening April 18th. This event is posted in Facebook.

Together In His Service ~keith

Photo used with permission by Melissa Taylor Ches