Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trail Life USA -- Point Man

Pointing others onto a new trail...

...from my BSA WAY to Trail Life USA

I've greatly enjoyed my years in Scouting both as a boy and as an adult leader, and give thanks to many for their help, friendships and support, but sadly for me my current scouting trail is coming to an end.  In my previous post back in May (Fight or Flight), I truly thought I was going to battle public opinion and work with those within the BSA that support (or are indifferent to) the new membership change coming January 1, 2014, but I've since come to see I was wrong.

I’m not leaving Scouting – Scouting has left me! 

So today I've officially applied to become a member of the newly forming Trail Life USA organization as a Point Man.

As a Point Man my role is to oversee the development of a thriving youth outdoor adventure and character development program in a geographic area.  The Area Team is the local Troop’s point of contact for any and every need.  Skill set needed for Point Men:  organizer, strategic planner, influencer, recruiter. 

I will have much more to say about my trail in the days and months to follow on my Trail Life USA - pointer blog.

 May I be found Walking Worthy
 Eph. 4:1
 Together <iHs>< ~keith