Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marriage Building God's Way...

Our ongoing Marriage Builder's Bible Study and Fellowship will kick off the new year with a new study - Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage. This series comes from Living on the Edge ministry

The study of Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage will be presented (January through June) in six parts from:
- God's Dream for Your Marriage
- What Went Wrong? Barriers to Intimacy
- Communication: How to "Share Hearts" Instead of "Exchange Words"
- Four Keys to Intimacy
- Conflict Resolution: How to "Fight Fair" in Marriage
- Men and Women: Enjoying the Difference

We meet the last Saturday of each month (except May - 4th Sat) from 6:30/7:00 - 9:30 PM, and is hosted by various members.

To be a Marriage Builder

Our group has three goals...
-Search the scriptures together to see what it has to say to us about marriage
-Work together to apply God's Biblical principles within our own marriage
-Fellowship with other couples, and learn from one another's experiences...

and we have three membership rules:
-Share nothing with the group, which might embarrass our mate
-Keep confidences of information which may be shared inside the group
-Feel free to participate or pass on any discussion topic or group activity

We Believe in the Sanctity of Marriage and Family
God instituted marriage and family as the basic building block of human culture. We further believe that God has established marriage as a sacred covenant between Himself a man and a woman for life.

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